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Your experts in hassle-free sweeping services in Townsville

You’re sure to be amazed by the difference Floor Sweeping Services TNQ can make to your business premises in Townsville, Mackay and Cairns. Not only can we provide you with flexible and affordable sweeping services, but we also arrive promptly and complete all work with minimal disruption to your operation while being focused on workplace health and safety.

Whether you need a quick, one-off clean or want to arrange a regular cleaning and sweeping service, you can be confident in the quality of our work and attention to detail.
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Let us help you to maintain a healthy and hygienic workplace

Metal dust, tyre dust, silica, concrete and general dirt all have the potential to cause respiratory problems, skin rashes, eye irritation and infections. If you or your employees go home at night and notice dirt around your eyes, ears, nose and mouth, it’s highly likely that you have a dust problem at your workplace and are taking it home on your clothes. As part of our full range of sweeping services, we will sweep your floors and collect all dirt in the process. In extreme dust situations, our sweeper scrubber could be the solution.

We meet Townsville City Council standards for the prevention of runoff

If you have a problem with dirty safety markings, grease, ingrained tyre dirt or general grime, we can scrub your floor and collect the water, leaving the floor 95% dry.

 The dirty water is disposed of in a triple separator instead of being washed down storm water drains into creeks and waterways. Power scrubbing is also an ideal way to prepare a floor for sealing or painting. 

Road sweeping services

Floor Sweeping Services TNQ specialises in providing private road and car park sweeping services. From one-off car park sweeping to regular road maintenance for caravan parks and residential villages, our power sweepers can keep dirt, light rubbish, and debris build-up from becoming an unsightly problem. As part of our hassle-free sweeping services, we can also arrange cost-effective, regularly scheduled sweeping for car parks, streets and laneways in Townsville, Mackay and Cairns.  
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Airborne particles and your working environment

There are some airborne particles that can make their way into the human body, with the most obvious being asbestos. While the body can comfortably remove some airborne particles, others can have devastating long-term health implications. There are four factors that determine the degree of danger associated with any given airborne particle. These include:
  • The type of particle involved and its natural biological effect on the human body
  • The concentration of airborne particles in the working environment
  • The size of particles present in the working environment
  • The duration of the individuals’ exposure to the particular particle

Biological effects of airborne particles

Different particles can cause a wide variety of different biological threats including:
  • Lead, manganese, cadmium and zinc – Systemic toxic effects caused by the absorption of the toxic material into the blood
  • Flour, grains, some woods, organic and inorganic chemicals – Allergic and hypersensitivity reactions caused by the inhalation of dusts
  • Viable organisms and spores – Bacterial and fungal infections associated with the inhalation of dusts
  • Asbestos and quartz – Fibrogenic reactions in the gas-exchange regions of the lung 
  • Chromates and asbestos – Carcinogenic response which can lead to cancer
  • Acid, alkali and irritating particles – Irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat

How to remove airborne particles

With so many risks associated with a wide range of everyday materials, it is essential that you do your best to remove as many airborne particles as possible from your working environment. It is advisable to monitor the atmosphere and air conditions constantly, and if possible, fit dust extraction fans to your business property. You should also ensure that health and safety protocols are constantly observed by all employees. Regular cleaning can help to minimise airborne particles in your workplace, and this service can be provided by us here at Floor Sweeping Services TNQ.

Our current customers

Here at Floor Sweeping Services TNQ, we’re trusted to provide regular cleaning and sweeping services for a diverse range of clients in the Townsville region. We currently work with:
  • TJS Services
  • Townsville City Council
  • Coca Cola Amatil
  • RSL
  • Northline Transport
  • Rentco
  • Shalom College

What to expect from our professional sweeping services

Firstly, we’ll visit your premises and inspect the site with you to assess any power and water services, restricted areas and any specific constraints or inclusions. A member of our reliable team will discuss your requirements and expectations in detail and develop a specification for the work.

You will then be provided with a free, no-obligation quote, setting out the work to be undertaken and the level of service required, whether it be a general sweep and clean, deep scrub and degrease, hand scrub, pressure clean or wall washing service.

When you are happy, we’ll get the signed quotation from you and agree on a time to commence work. If any unexpected delays occur or a problem arises, we inform you immediately. At the end of the job, and to ensure your satisfaction, we meet you on site and inspect the finished work.
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To find out more about our flexible sweeping services, call us on 0406 855 126 today.

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